Dedicated to the patients

Expera Pharmacies

The first and basic duty of our pharmacists is the welfare of the patient, and the essence of the pharmaceutical activity performed by the Health Institution Pharmacy "Expera Pharmacy" is the supply of drugs and other products of proven and safe quality, providing appropriate information and advice to the patient and monitoring the effects of drugs.

Our Good Pharmacy Practice is based on the fact that a modern pharmacy is not just a place where you can get medicine, but a place where you can confidently present your problems, seek advice, be fully and adequately served by the appropriate pharmaceutical because we are our knowledge, experience and effort to subordinate to your needs.

In modernly equipped open pharmacies, a wide range provides a complete and up-to-date supply of prescription and over-the-counter drugs, medical and other health products, orthopedic aids prescribed by remittances from the Health Insurance Fund of Republika Srpska and other health care products, as well as professional instructions and counseling. regarding the application and proper use of medications.

We have no doubt that health is the greatest wealth of our users. In order to preserve and protect this wealth, our mission is to do so by applying a new concept of pharmaceutical practice that focuses on the direct interaction of pharmacists and patients in order to provide quality health care. Therefore, we expect from our employees only a top level of expertise and consistent application of the principles of pharmaceutical ethics.

The modern organization of the pharmacy activity requires a clear positioning of our pharmacies in the system of primary health care of the population, the implementation of professional standards of Good Pharmacy Practice (DAP) and other practices that make up the modern pharmaceutical business. Given that health care takes place in the triangle doctor - patient - pharmacist, the standards applied in pharmacies "Expera pharmacy" include an important segment of interprofessional communication and communication with patients.

Our selection of pharmaceutical staff is based on expertise and a constant commitment to training, with a clear definition of the place of pharmacists as a health professional in the health care system.

With significant investments and a great contribution from the management and all employees, "Expera Pharmacy" today represents a place of application of the highest standards in the field of pharmacy, a place where our patients can turn with full confidence.