Our group

Our corporate mission statement

As a family business, we are committed to the sustainability of the company and its long-term increase in value for our shareholders. We focus on sustainable growth, which we achieve by continuing our further development.

Our employees form the basis for our success

Through their targeted, continued education in all areas, we are not only promoting the progress of the individual, but guaranteeing the successful development of the entire group. This allows us to fulfil our responsibilities to our company and its people, both now and in the future.

Our corporate mission

corporate mission statement

Sustainable growth for value creation
Committed employees for outstanding performance

Vision To be the best integrated healthcare provider – wherever we are Vision To be the best integrated healthcare provider – wherever we are
Mission We deliver health across Europe Mission We deliver health across Europe
Strategy We are committed to top performance geared towards the needs of our customers Strategy We are committed to top performance geared towards the needs of our customers
To be the best integrated healthcare provider – wherever we are
We deliver health across Europe
We are committed to top performance geared towards the needs of our customers
Our values
  • Our Vision

    Our vision is to be the best integrated healthcare provider – wherever we are. For us, this means providing each customer group with the best possible services and products along the entire pharmaceutical supply chain.

    Pharmaceutical manufacturers, pharmacies, doctors, hospitals, health insurance funds, and patients all benefit from our comprehensive service offering. With a focus on integrated structures between our Wholesale and Retail business units, as well as Pharma Services, we are the optimal link between pharmaceutical manufacturer and patient.

    Together with our employees, we shape our future and pursue sustainable and fair company management for long-term success.

  • Our Mission

    We deliver health. Across Europe. As Europe’s leading pharmaceutical trader, we ensure that with our Wholesale and Retail business units, and Pharma Services, health products get to the right place at the right time in 27 countries.

    We make an important contribution - daily - to comprehensive and safe healthcare in Europe: this includes Health Care Logistics for manufacturers across Europe, support for pharmacies through a variety of services and reliable logistics, expert advice from our pharmacists, and the overall optimisation of patient care.

    We count over 60,000 pharmacies, millions of patients and consumers, and numerous companies in the pharmaceutical industry among our customers.

  • Our Strategy

    We align our actions to customer needs. Because the success of our customers also benefits us.

    "Excellent performance is our success factor."

    This means, on the one hand, striving for the highest possible quality in our daily work, and on the other hand, being guided by a high level of cost awareness. In addition, we take our environmental and social responsibility very seriously.

Our corporate culture

Think together global – act local! We advance our progress by employing successful concepts across borders. Because constructive cooperation beyond national borders is crucial to staying ahead of the competition.

We learn from each other on a daily basis throughout Europe by further expanding our “best practice sharing” and promoting interdisciplinary thinking. At the same time, we stand out thanks to our great proximity to the market. We can therefore respond flexibly and quickly to specific local requirements. 

Our values

Our values

Everything we do is always centred on the applicable group-wide values. They are the foundation for the daily fulfilment of our mission: “We deliver health across Europe.”

  • Reliable

    We do what we say. You can rely on our services and the best possible standards of quality. This is a result of promoting the individual abilities, potential and motivation of our employees, which enables us to further improve the services for our customers. Constructive cooperation across national borders and commitment to successful concepts – this is key to our decisive competitive edge.

    Across Europe, we are a reliable contact for all issues relating to health and well-being. A cooperative and open partnership, internally as well as with customers and suppliers, is of great importance to us. We are constantly refining processes – while remaining true to ourselves at the same time. On the basis of our stable shareholder structure, we can pursue a sustainable corporate strategy.

  • Proactive

    Acting instead of reacting, we stand for clear and forward-looking objectives, quick and results-oriented decisions, and structured cooperation. We know the pharmaceutical markets in Europe and the challenges they present.

    Thanks to our continuous internal communication, as well as with our customers and business partners, we are in tune with the market. This allows us to identify the respective expectations and respond flexibly to changes. We provide our customers with the appropriate support at all times.

  • Respectful

    Health is precious. Our awareness of this fact determines our actions. We are committed to the sustainable development of our organisation above and beyond the regulatory standards.

    Our success strategy is based on the efficient use of resources to achieve the greatest possible profitability. Ethical and fair interaction with business partners, competitors, and our employees is a matter of course at all times.